ALSC (Aoska) 2019 Community Offline Wine Exchange Conference was successfully held

On the afternoon of November 9, 2019, the ALSC 2019 Community Offline Wine Exchange was successfully held in Alibaba Building, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. Nearly 200 fans of the ALSC Chinese community participated in this event. Wine exchange meeting.
ALSC is the abbreviation of Almighty Safely Chain, translated into "Aescar" in the Chinese community, meaning the Oscar in the digital currency, the door card leading to the wealth. Its initial function is to create a consensus community and improve the trust system. Through the transparent disclosure of information, smart contract exchange, cloud nodes, distributed ALSC transactions, super nodes, new currency circulation and unique smart contract design functions, they complement each other, cycle and balance, which constitutes the strong internal structure of ALSC at the beginning, and its internal financial Balance, community outreach, business docking, value precipitation and network expansion will all overturn the notion behind the centralized business model. In the end, ALSC will become a commercial financial cloud network for worldwide use. In this open network, through the joint efforts of the community, create a brand new, decentralized business free cloud node.
ALSC brings is not just a new blockchain product, but more importantly it brings a completely decentralized financial cloud system, a truly disruptive commercial financial practice. ALSC will rely on unparalleled business finance cloud logic to demonstrate the value of excellence beyond any of the business models that the public has seen.
ALSC Ecology guarantees the interests of all parties through blockchain technology, promotes the data chaining of the entire financial industry, maintains many parties, breaks barriers in all aspects of the traditional financial industry, improves the efficiency of value transfer in the financial industry, and establishes a freedom, equality and security. A credible, open, and shared new ecology of the financial industry, completely breaking the old ecology of the industry, building a new situation, breaking new ground and turning things around!
These concepts of ALSC have been recognized by blockchain enthusiasts all over the world. In just a few months, a large number of ALSCs have emerged in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, France, and Italy. Fans of (Aoska), they spontaneously invested in the community construction and communication work of ALSC.
The enthusiasm for ALSC at home and abroad has also ignited the passion of the Chinese community. Fans attending the reception have said that for such a project with great potential, of course, can not miss, embrace ALSC (Aescar), It is to embrace wealth and embrace the future!


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