Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, Claims Bitcoin Will Take Over the US Dollar

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, has recently made some shocking statements regarding the future of Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. Contrary to many of his leading counterparts, Dorsey has come out very optimistic. Dorsey told The Times in an interview that bitcoin will soon take over the US Dollar as the leading currency in the world. Furthermore, he claimed that Bitcoin will finally unite the world by becoming that primary payment method which will be universally accepted among all nations. Dorsey stated explicitly.


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A Personal Invitation To Institutional Investors Into The Cryptocurrency Industry


Dear institutional investors from the USA and all over the world. As the cryptocurrency industry progresses, the need of some decentralized and trustless systems have gained traction, and now is the time to invest is as we are still on early stages and development. There might be some factors pushing you away to invest some part of your portfolio, but keep in mind that people who invest in the future, are always the biggest winners.

Investing in cryptocurrencies means investing in the technology behind it, impact, experienced teams, roadmap, vision, and community just like an early stage startup. The difference is that instead of getting equity stake in a startup that has 90% of failing and never seeing your initial investment again, you get easily liquidated tokens that can go up and down depending on a lot of factors surrounding the project. 💬 💬

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