What is the vision of ERD token?

The eldorado platform believe that change is needed and thus they want to hand back control and security to our users, whoever they are and whatever their needs. ERD is working hard to deliver a solution that anyone can understand, without the need for technical or cryptographic expertise Eldorado token will be on TOP Cryptocurrency with a huge trade volume and high exchange price.
The ultimate goal of ERDis to achieve the free flow of value and information within the blockchain ecosystem. However, since the blockchain industry is still in its infancy stage of development, the project will face a variety of market tests in the future.
The ERD operation team will attend industry meetings regularly and hold press releases on project progress from time to time to communicate and discuss with relevant developers regarding current market needs and prospects. This can ensure that the project is able to respond to the voices of the community and market.
The goal of ERD is to establish a new set of cross-platform technical standards, which is a very difficult task in terms of technology development. Therefore, the project puts a high demand on top-notch technical talents and requires extensive research involvement and engagement. If these requirements can be satisfied, it will definitely act the progress of the project and even eventually lead to the success of the whole project.

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